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This page is dedicated to provide you with information for our spring season plans. We will do our best to keep this page updated as plans develop and change.


14U and 12U Age Groups -

  • The ideal team size for a 14U or 12U team is 20 athletes. We hate to turn kids away so can go up to 22 at a high and down to 18 at the low side.

  • Our plan is to create 2 smaller cohorts of 9-11 kids that will actually be considered 1 team.

    • These numbers allow for flexibility in shifting quickly to full games as we are optimistic that even if we can’t start the season with games, we will get to games at some point during the spring season. If we do cohorts of 14 at this age group the combined team size would be way too big.

    • The 9-11 players will also allow for focused instruction during practice.

    • The 9-11 gives the potential for the cohorts to play against each other if we are allowed intersquad scrimmages of 7v7.

  • Practice details are still being ironed out, but ideas for now:

    • Practices to be a bit shorter

      • likely 1 hour and kids would be expected to warm up 20min prior

      • back to back for the cohorts allowing 1 set of coaching staff to coach both cohorts.

    • We will follow guidelines of keeping cohorts stable, but will move kids around as allowed by the current standards.

    • Practices will likely be 2 times per week with some Saturday activities. Activities may include games, scrimmages, internal competitions (refer to internal competition info).


10U and 8U Age Groups -

  • Ideal team size for this age group is 15 players.
  • Since the current standards limit us to 14 athletes per cohort, we will limit our team size to 14.
    • In prior years we have gone up to 20 players on a team so not to turn kids away.
    • This smaller team size of 14 will allow for focused instruction during practice and intersquad 3v3 or 7v7 play once allowed by the county.
  • Practice details are still being ironed out, but ideas for now:
    • 10U players will likely be 2 times per week
    • 8U is likely 1 time per week
    • Saturday activities will be added as possible and may include games, scrimmages, internal competitions (refer internal competition info below). 
Internal Competition - NEW for 2021 Season
One key point that is missing from sports right now is competition. The great thing about Covid is that we are pushed to reinvent the wheel. We are currently working on ideas that will allow for internal competition within our teams. Ideas include creating small groups within the cohort and earning points over several practices, groups would compete for real prizes that could be simple Dairy Tokens, STORM swag, or other “prizes” we determine appropriate. The competition will NOT be strictly skills based, but include components of sportsmanship and being a good lax community member. If you would like to be part of the steering committee to organize this effort, please reach out to Kate Awad (kateawad@mac.com)
Parent Participation - NEW for 2021 Season
Something we all know from being part of sports is “many hands make light work”. We need all parents to step up and help out to have a successful season. As usual, we are going to need coaches and team managers, but we are also going to need some help with implementing best safety practices. After observing kids have been participating in soccer and club lacrosse over the last 2 months and as expected, it is difficult for kids to maintain 6ft apart during practices. It is even more difficult for the coaches to coach and to enforce the distancing at the same time. One new role I see parents needing to help with is signing up for a practice to volunteer and reminding the kids to have their masks on when they arrive to practice until they have their gear on, helping set up cones 6ft apart for kids to put their water bottles, and helping during practice to remind the kids to stay 6ft apart. I think if we spend some time modeling this behaviour to our kids they will catch on quickly and the parent volunteer role may lessen as the season goes on. In this situation we will likely not be playing games and will not require table and sideline volunteers. This volunteer role would be shared by the entire team and not on the back of just 1 or 2 families. Details certainly may change based on the current standards.