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Pleasanton Lacrosse Club Mailing Address

Most club business is handled via E-mail.  However if you need to mail something to the club please use the following address:

Pleasanton Lacrosse Club
5424 Sunol Blvd.
Suite 10-182
Pleasanton, CA  94566


Board Meetings

Board Meetings are typically held the second Sunday of each month and are open to all.  If you’re interested in attending or getting more involved in the club, please email the  .


PLC Refund Policy  (Updated February 2017)

All refunds are subject to a $30 non-refundable administrative fee for all withdrawals regardless of the date of your withdrawal. 

Spring Registration Refund Schedule:


 Before November 30th


 Full Refund*


 Full Refund*

 After November 30th


 No Refund


 Partial  Refund, subject to Board approval*


 * Less $30 non-refundable admin fee


Refund Request Procedure:

Immediately contact the with the following information:
      Today's Date:
      Player's name:
      Grade / Age Division:
      PLC Team (if known):
      Reason for withdrawal:

All medical refund requests after November 30th are subject to PLC Board approval. For medical refund requests after November 30th, a partial medical refund or credit after November 30th may be granted under certain circumstances; supporting physician documentation must be presented to the PLC Board with your refund request. In select cases non-medical refund requests after November 30th may be considered (less the $30 admin fee) if there is a waitlisted player able to replace the player seeking refund.  All decisions by the PLC Board are final.  Club contact information is available on the PLC website under the Contacts link.




Your Privacy

The Pleasanton Lacrosse Club Website is set up to allow parents to have complete control over their personal information listed on the website.  Simply go to the Edit My Account link of the website to update your family member's personal profile and uncheck the information boxes to exclude information from public display on the website.

Otherwise, personal information may be displayed.  Send us your thoughts on this in our feedback area. 


PLC Bylaws


Postive Coaching Alliance

At Pleasanton Lacrosse Club we "Honor the Game".  Through the game of lacrosse players learn lessons that will last a lifetime.  We focus our coaching in three areas, Athletic Skills, Lacrosse Skills, and Work Ethic.  By these three principals we will explore life lessons, exploit teachable moments, and provide a fun character building lacrosse experience on and off the field to our young athletes.  At all times we will adhere to the Positive Coaching Alliance “Double-Goal” coaching principal of striving to win while achieving a more important goal of using sports to teach life lessons.  All PLC coaches are required to attend or complete an online PCA program to coach on the field.


Weather Hotline:  (925) 931-5360  -  This is updated early A.M. on Weekends and after 3 p.m. on Weekdays.

Rain Policy: We practice rain or shine even if the rain hotline says fields are closed. In case of rain, we practice on the blacktop. At all times we abide by the weather line.


Updating Your Personal Contact Info

To update your contact information with your team and with Pleasanton Lacrosse, it's very simple:

1)      Go to www.pleasantonlacrosse.com
2)      Click "Edit My Account" from the bottom of the left hand navigation menu
3)      Logon with your email and your registration password 
         Forgot your Password?  Enter your EMAIL ONLY and your password will be sent to that address.

4)      Once you have logged in you can do a variety of things:

a.   You can add a member - for instance you may want to add a father or mother who was not previously added (note:  Only two adults may be associated with a child.  If you have blended families you may want to enter only one parent from each family.  At the same time you can add two or more email addresses to each parents contact info (i.e. mom and step-dad can both get email), simply separate multiple email addresses with a comma ( , ))

b.   You can update contact info by selecting each member and updating.  If you have an email or phone change, please make the change in each members listing. 

c.   Do not make medical changes online. Any medical notes, changes in insurance, etc.  s/b made directly with the coach who should update on their medical forms they carry in their coaching bags. 


Note: As we don't know about specific custody situations, we have to ask that you go through whoever registered your child in our system to have an additional parent added to that child. Thanks.




PUSD Policy 1520 - Page 1 of 1 Pol - 1520 1-16-96 DOGS PROHIBITED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS Providing a clean, safe and positive learning environment is an important part of the mission of the Pleasanton Unified School District Board of Trustees.  No owner or keeper of a dog shall allow or permit such dog, whether leashed or unleashed, to be in or upon any school property at any time, except for dogs used for the purposes of assisted living.